Graphic Novel still in the works, check out works in progress

We are working hard on completing this graphic novel. Posting sketches and works in progress at our Facebook page in the meantime.

Thank you so much for all the support!

posted by saturnkat @ 23rd Aug 2013, 8:14 PM

The Real Johnson

Three years ago I, Anae (Y.E.N.) began writing Forgettably Famous the eventual graphic novel, we promise. I bounced ideas off Kathy and she had a question about one of the character names. That character is Johnson, she doubted a person would have Johnson as a first name. One year later I met my new boss and his name was Johnson. The moment I met him i told him he has the honor of being named after my character. Some customers we would encounter together on the job would ask what's your real name or what's your first name. Johnson and I would always laugh. There were few moments he didn't smile or laugh. Johnson passed away yesterday but will forever be immortalized in this comic.

posted by YoungEarthNae @ 4th Aug 2012, 2:29 AM

Commission Art - Victorian Woman

Here is a commissioned piece for Lee Childs (not the author), whom I met Long Beach Comic Con 2011. He decided on most of the colors for this piece and I think they worked really well. He was really happy with the final image.

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Hey readers,

While we all wait for well anticipated updates here's a few suggestions on how to entertain yourself:

Collect stamps,

Collect coins,

Watch Felicity just to make fun of how ludicrous it is,

Alter your state of mind then watch Felicity just to make fun of how ludicrous it is,

Slip into a light coma for 3 months,

Or check in on this blog for sketches, all things pop culture, and random tangents.

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Long Beach Comic Con 2011

Thank you to all who stopped by our table! Check out the Facebook page so you know when we update, see sketches, and the photos from LBCC. New comic pages will be posted this week!

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